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I know It may not be very easy to teach an adult parrot or grown parrot not to bite you but Let me tell you,it’s not immpossible to teach them. You can use some props to help you to train your parrot in this regards. It’s very important to realize them not to bite as soon as possible.
This video explains how to take care and train your grown parrot not to bite you.
If it’s your baby parrot then technique is so simple.When your parrot(s) try to bite you,hold your finger in their beak and twist or turn it.By this way,Parrot will loose their balance/control and nearly get fall of.If you repeat this again and again,after a while they will understand that biting your finger is not good for them.
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10 Responses

  1. Hardtalkbbc
    | Reply

    Yar why use fake accent ??

    | Reply

    How do you teach them to sit on your fingers

  3. ayesha hossain
    | Reply


    I just realized i didnt even listen to you…i was just looking at the birds

  4. funny world
    | Reply

    Yellow parrot ka kya name h ar kya price h

  5. Alisa Henderson
    | Reply

    My Cockatiel has turned into an attack bird over night. He used to flock call me every morning, any time he wanted out of his cage to be with me. He enjoys being petted on his head, has his eyes closed very relaxed. Then turns around and bites me. Then walks up and bites my face.
    Could it be he is going through the bluffing stage? As in going in to puberty? He is doing other things like walking low to the grown with slightly out.
    I have had him since he was a baby. He has always been good about stepping up etc.

  6. Juliajackson Ilene
    | Reply

    My parrot is a female one we rescued her during a fall of a tree it's been more than 4 years…it doesn't speak alot but gives so much response by it's sound …it even laughs when we do….but it always try to bite when we take our fingers close to it .. and it plays with it toys a bit rude i feel like it's so hyper active am i right or what should I do ???

  7. Autumns Dusk
    | Reply

    I know this video is kind of old but I have a ringneck and he is very aggressive. He will bow his head to me so I can give him scratches but only for a few seconds before trying to strike. I think that with time I can do this though. He used to only strike but he bows his head down and lets me pet him. Even if it's only for a few seconds, it's something!

  8. Haider Abbas
    | Reply

    Wow . Kesay kia sir plz btaden wou darta h mujse.

  9. Abhijit Dahivale
    | Reply

    Love you Charlie and Mitthu

  10. Charlin Deeba
    | Reply

    Sir, I want to pat and curdle my recently bought adult parrot how can I proceed

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