Tangled Hair – 3 Tips to Try at Home

Tangled Hair – 3 Tips to Try at Home

By Kate Garvey

Tangled hair if not addressed can cause health issues for your pet including skin rashes, pain and discomfort, pet order and it can attract bugs which can lead to complicated health issues. Even short haired cats may get tangled hair during a weather change due to shedding. As a tangle is formed, the skin may actually be pulled toward the tangle. This can be painful for your pet and it is why you need to be careful when trying to remove a hair clump or tangled hair. It’s best to avoid tangles and hair clumps by brushing your cat on a regular basis. As spring and fall approach increase the frequency of your brushing. As soon as you notice a small tangle forming, address it as quick as possible.

If you have a tangle that needs to be removed with scissors, there are a couple of things you can do before you go to a professional groom or veterinarian:

1. If the tangle is small you may be able to get it out by using a small amount of hair conditioner. Rub the hair conditioner in your fingers and stroke it into the tangle. Take a flexible wire brush and start slowly trying to comb through the tangle at the far edges (not next to the skin). Make several small passes and see if any hair comes out now that there is conditioner in the hair. As the knot loosens get closer to the skin, but never pull hard on your pet’s skin. When the tangle is removed, take a warm wash cloth and remove the conditioner so your pet will not ingest it while grooming itself. If this does not work, and you can tell where your pet’s skin is located, move on to the step below.

2. If you are right handed, hold your left hand flat on your pet. Place the tangle between your index and middle finger on the left hand. With your right hand cut above your index and middle finger and remove as much of the tangle as you can. Usually, once you cut a tangle to within ½ and inch from the skin, you can brush out the rest with gentle strokes and a flexible wire brush.

3. If all else fails, you can place one side of the scissors against your pets skin and cut away from the pets skin (away from the pets body) and through the tangle. You follow the natural growth of hair. It’s as if you were cutting air between two hairs on your pet. Do not cut across the body because you may cut the skin. Make several cuts through the tangle. Eventually, you’ll have several smaller tangles. After that very gentle try to brush out the tangles with a wire brush.

If these steps don’t work, please have your pet groomed by a professional. If you use hair conditioner or any product not designed to stay on a pet’s hair, you must rinse it out so that the pet will not ingest it while grooming itself. During the spring and fall take a few minutes every day to pet or brush your cat on its neck, belly and back legs (inside and out). This will quickly help you identify any new tangles that need to be removed before they become problematic.

Kate Garvey provides professional writing services for individuals or business. She is the author of “The Low Risk Guide to Real Estate Investment” and “Aging, Death and Euthanasia-A Guide for People with Pets”. Kate provides free pet care tips on her website http://www.kategarvey.net

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