Taking dog's nose print unique identification method

There was an interesting article in my local newspaper .. Source is online but may be protected for subscribers ..

Taking dog’s nose print unique identification method

U.S. company issues identity cards, collar tags
Tue Sep 19 2006

Animal Crackers / Allan Besson

TAKE a good look at your dog’s nose. What does it have in common with a whale’s flukes (tail) and a lion’s whiskers?

Well, as with the pattern on the underside of a whale’s flukes and the pattern made by the placement of the whiskers on a lion’s snout, a dog’s nose pattern is one of a kind. Just like a human fingerprint.

Recently, ID Systems Integrators in the United States came up with a system to identify dogs by their nose prints. It’s called Dognose ID, and according to the company, it’s a “tamper-proof, painless and non-invasive way to provide a permanent record of any dog, anywhere.”

Here’s how it works: A dog owner uses an inkless device to take an impression of their dog’s nose and sends it to the company along with photos of the dog. The information is scanned into a database. A pet identity card, imprinted with the dog’s photo and nose print along with contact information, is then sent back to the owner. You also get a collar tag with the dog’s ID number, your phone number and the company’s toll-free number.

If the dog ever goes missing, a call to the company results in a description, photo and nose print being faxed to every known veterinarian and animal shelter in the owner’s area.

Company owner Louis Meadows says the Dognose ID is more reliable than dog tags, which can be lost. Also, some owners are reluctant to tattoo or microchip their dogs. The company website is at www.dognoseID.com.

For me, that was the first time reading that a dog can be fingerprinted // er, rather “NOSE-printed … Sounds interesting and the cost does not seem too excessive! It doesn’t hurt to at least check out their website ..


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