Tagg – The Pet Tracker – Find Lost Pets Before They Get Lost with GPS

I was approached today, via our PetLvr Contact Form about “Tagg – The Pet Tracker” product …

Snaptracs, a subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc, introduces Tagg, The Pet Tracker. Using advanced GPS tracking technology in a lightweight and easily adaptable collar attachment, Tagg is the next generation in pet retrieval systems, helping reunite people with their lost pets through maps, email notifications and mobile text messages.


A microchip won’t alert you when your pet is lost. Tagg is a GPS tracker that alerts you via text and email when your pet escapes so you can find him NOW.

Check out the video!

What do you think about this product?

Personally .. I think it’s a great idea if every pet had a microchip that was able to be located via GPS. I was a little disappointed that it “appears” to not be available for service in Canada from their website. Also a little disappointed that besides the initial purchase you have to subscribe to a monthly service to continue to locate your pet with this product. But, then again – if they have the product and technology – should they not be compensated for their idea?

I foresee alternatives like this in the future. I know my cousin and friends who have an iPhone can locate their iPhone on any computer if they activate its GPS locater, and do not believe they have to pay a monthly fee. The times you would lose or misplace your iPhone seems much more likely than losing your pet.

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