Specialized Dog Training Needed For Service Dogs


And you thought normal dog training was difficult. Sit, stay, down, come, heel… all require weeks or more of dedicated trainer and dog effort to master. Now, consider the months or years needed to train a … Read More

Jilli Dog and the Magic Card Trick


According to the YouTube description: http://www.jillidog.com Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Jilli Dog does a cool magic card trick with her trainer Rick Caran. Jilli is the only poker playing dog in the world. This smart dog plays … Read More

What Is Animal Assisted Therapy?


By Echo Wang Having a pet is something that many take for granted. However there are people that need to have a pet in order to work through something that have happened in their life. Therapy … Read More

How To Feed A Guard Dog


How To Feed A Guard Dog By Kelly Marshall Guard dogs have extremely important jobs and they can end up serving on patrol duty, in riot control, shore watch, sentry duty and warehouse duty to name … Read More

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