How to freefly a parrot (Georgio’s version)


Please, this is not how you should train your bird. You can try this but it may not work. It depends on your bird how he wants to fly outside and also about FAITH and TRUST. … Read More

How To Engage Your Horse’s Back – corrected version


Master Horseman/Classical Dressage Trainer Will Faerber demonstrates how to encourage your horse to raise its back, engage its hind end and “get connected.” …

Litter Training Your Ferret, Version 2.0


I’m never happy with how my videos turn out the first time! (Perhaps I should write out a script!) so here’s another version on litter training. Yes my cage …

How to train your bird (Parakeet version but works with other birds)


Need help training your bird or doing cool things with your animal then tag along with me Elli the Animal expert!!!

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