PetLvr Front Page Is Fixed Now


Back in February 2010 all of a sudden the auto-thumbnail imaging-size plugin never worked and huge (I mean H-U-G-E!!) images started to appear on the front page. To fix that, I just removed the thumbnail option. … Read More

Advertise On The PetLvr Blog


Well … I’m quite happy with the release and stability of the new “Thesis” theme here at PetLvr blog and am now offering reduced sponsorship rates until December 1, 2009. Sidebar 125px x 125px Banner Ads … Read More

Tease – New PetLvr BETA Template Is Up


I’ve been working on the new design for ages! Okay .. maybe not for ages, but in my head I have been working on a few projects and the redesign of this website was one of … Read More

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