How to teach rat swimming – first day


Feed your rat with something he like most by putting it into water.

Should You Let Your Dog Play in Creeks and Lakes?


Many dogs love water. It’s hard to resist letting a happy dog frolic in a creek or lake while out for a long walk, especially on a hot day. I’m sometimes tempted to jump in myself! … Read More

High-Energy Dog + Apartment: Exercise Can Avert Disaster


The subprime mortgage crisis, declines in some sectors of the economy, and a rising cost of living have led to more families moving out of houses and into apartments, townhomes, and condos. I see ads on … Read More

About the Turkish Van


If you are looking for a rare, distinctive looking longhair cat, then you may want to take a close look at the Turkish Van. This cat breed is also known as the swimming cat, since the … Read More

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