Cute and Adorable Hamster Tricks – Climbing Stairs, Peeling & Eating Sunflower seeds, Dribble Ball)

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Dear Friends, cute Adorable Hamsters Doing Various Tricks, Climbing Stairs (Obstacle Course Cleared !), Peel & Eat Sunflower seeds (A seed peeling machine) , Dribble Ball (Soccer fan!) Invite You Subscribe to My Video Channel: … Read More

How To Train A Hamster To Go Up Or Down The Stairs

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how to train your hamster how to climb the stairs

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I show you how to get your hamster up stairs by itself!

Pet Stairs

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Pet Stairs by Claire Quaty When we think of pets we don’t often consider the idea of stairs specially designed just for them. If you are the owner of a dog or a cat you may … Read More

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