This One Is For The Squirrels and the Ducks


We were out at a friend’s place last weekend, when I took this video from my Canon IS2000 digital camera. She was probably stocking up for the summer to feed her litter that was just born, … Read More

Craze for Sugar Gliders


Almost as addicting as sugar, the adorable squirrel-like sugar gliders are hard to resist. Times Online says that sugar gliders are the latest animal craze in Britain, and why wouldn’t you want a small, flying marsupial … Read More

Flying Squirrel Care


Flying Squirrel Care By Michael Russell Flying Squirrels are very fun pets to own. They form extremely strong bonds with their owner and are truly fascinating to watch. Many people don’t realize this, but these animals … Read More

Follow-up on Finnegan, the orphaned squirrel


This is a follow-up to a post October 19, 2005 …. “What A Good Mommy I Am” … NewsFlash – Once nursed among pups, squirrel moves on after one last visit (Read this article …)

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