The Secret to Teaching Your Dog COME and STAY

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Shop at 1) Pick your dog food 2) Choose how often you want your pet food delivered (2-16wks) 3) Check out! Enter Code Zak20 for 20% off of your first auto ship order. Edit or … Read More

Secret To Build a Bond with ANY Bird !

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Welcome back to Bird Tameness, the #1 Bird Training community where all birds are Tamed, Trained and kept on a mental & physical balance. We received a lot of requests from Bird owners on a video … Read More

Secret to Tame Your African Grey/Amazon quickly !

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Welcome back to the #1 bird training community. Another requested topic from you guys is up!. To request topics, please use #RequestedParrotwhisperer in the comment section below and mention the topic(s) you would like us to … Read More

Secret to Tame Your Cockatiel | Series 1

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Welcome to the FIRST Series of Taming and Training Birds & Parrots. From now on, we will have series like this dedicated to help you tame and train several bird species, depending on your needs!. Comment … Read More

Mouse Training Secret: How To Teach A Mouse To Walk Backwards

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Believe it or not, walking backwards is one of the easiest tricks you can teach a mouse. This video makes you wanna buy a mouse? PLEASE read this notice befo…

The secret to take your bird out of the Cage in Minutes !

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We released our latest step by step video that shows the process on how to take your bird/parrot out of its cage in the simplest yet most effective way. Seve…

Secret to stop birds from biting!

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Bored of your bird biting you ? Bored of it chewing on your fingers?- 3 SOLUTIONS REVEALED!!! The most important thing to remember is when your bird bites si…

Secret Science Of Arabian Horse Training.

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This Is An Instruction Guide On How To Train Your Horse Using The Exact Training Methods The Ancient Arabians Used. Click Here For More Information

Horse Training Tip: Inside Secret To Understanding A Flowing, Slow Lope

| | We’ve all watched a pleasure class and have seen a horse loping and could hardly tell which lead they were on in the front. World Champion Western Pleasure Horse Trainer, Cleve Wells explains indepth in … Read More

Dog training tip: connecting with your dog.

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