Should Cats Wear Collars?

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We recently covered the possible dangers of dog collars, but what about the cats in the family? Cats, too, can be injured or killed if they wear a collar; on the other hand, just like dogs, … Read More

Dog Collar Dangers

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Putting a collar on your dog seems like a fairly standard safety measure. Most pet parents don’t give it a second thought. But is it really that simple? As with most subjects related to pet care, … Read More

Dog Parks: Great Idea, or Accident Waiting to Happen?

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Most dogs enjoy a visit to the dog park. Outdoor fun with a compatible group of dogs– what could be better? Unfortunately, dog parks are also often the site of serious injuries to dogs or to … Read More

Is Doggie Daycare a Good Idea?

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Doggie daycare can give owners a much-needed break from the exercise needs of a high-energy dog, as well as keep a dog with separation anxiety under control in the absence of his family. However, many pet … Read More

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