REQUESTED: Part 1 How to Play with your Hamster


This was a requested video by Grace Taylor. Thank you for Requesting! Sorry I haven’t made a video in a long time. I’ve been super busy with school, homework…

REQUESTED** how to get you’re bunny to come when called


I got a request from fluffyhamsterstar457 or whatever and she/he said please do a video on how to get your rabbit to come when called so ya if here it is.

Basic Beginner Parrot Training~Cockatiels~Parakeets~Large Parrots Requested by:Jenna king


In this video I show you the foundation of how to train your parrot. With the holidays coming around this video will be a vital message to those who receive …

REQUESTED: The Beginning Stages; How to Tame your Hamster Part 1


This was a requested by robohamsterfinactic. Thank you for requesting. When taming your hamster, it requires a lot of patience so you need to be patient when…

REQUESTED: Taming your Hamster using the Bathtub Method; How to Tame your Hamster Part 3


This was a requested by robohamsterfinactic. This is the final part in my series “How to Tame your Hamster” You will be interacting more with your hamster wh…

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