Deciding What Shelter to Support


If you’re lucky enough to still have a little extra time or income during this recession, and if you love animals, you already know that donating to or volunteering with an animal shelter or rescue can … Read More

Animal Dumping Season Is Underway: What You Can Do to Help


Ah, early Summer. The birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and people are arriving in droves to dump their pets at local animal shelters. Litters of kittens and puppies conceived and born in the  Spring fill kennels … Read More

Planning Ahead for Pet Expenses During the Recession


Animal shelters are bursting at the seams with pets who have lost their homes due to the current recession. Whether it was an unexpected vet bill, routine expenses, or a non pet-related expense that was the … Read More

Economy Driving More Owners to Relinquish Pets


With the current recession showing no signs of letting up, shelters are stuffed to the gills with pets whose owners simply could no longer afford to care for them. The Chicago Tribune reported this week that, “When … Read More

Pet Ownership in a Down Economy: More Frugal Tips


Are you pinching pennies as the recession drags on? If so, don’t skimp on essentials like vet care and premium food, which save you money in the long run. However, you can save money in other, … Read More

Pet Ownership in a Down Economy: The Three R's


We’ve talked about owning pets during a recession before, and as the economy continues to stagnate, it’s more  important than ever to share ways to keep your family together without breaking the bank. I’ve recently started doing … Read More

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