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i said “like” way too many times 😡 & i kept screwing up my words ! i’m sorry. heres where i was reading off from, i tried not to though so i mostly said fro…

Petsitter or Boarding Kennel? Part One.


When vacationing without pets, one must often choose between a petsitter or sending pets to a boarding kennel. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I hate to leave my dog for even a single night, so I … Read More

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Trainer


If you intend to compete in performance or conformation events, or simply wish to have a well-behaved dog and understand its behavior, choosing a great trainer is one of the most important things you can do … Read More

PetLvr Mailbag: Entertaining an Inside Cat


Dear PetLvr Mailbag, We moved a couple years ago, and the cat went from being an outside/inside cat to wholly an inside cat. He seems really really bored though, looking for ways to help him transition … Read More

PetLvr Mailbag: Canine Oral Fixation is Curable


Dear  PetLvr Mailbag, One of my dogs compulsively licks. He’s always licking at my hands, face, ear, arms, legs, anything he can. Whenever I pet him, he just tries to lick my hand. How the hell … Read More

Ten Questions to Ask When Adopting a Pet


You’ve made the decision to adopt your next pet, and you’ve located a nearby shelter. Now what? You’ll need to choose a companion for up to the next 15 to twenty years from up to several … Read More

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