Reasons to Throw Your Dog's Electric Bark Collar Away


Does your dog wear a bark collar? If so, it would make my day if you removed that collar right now and threw it into the trash can. It’s not necessary, may be harmful behaviorally and … Read More

Don't Rub His Nose In It


If you are housebreaking a puppy or dog, you’ve heard the age-old advice: “When he has an accident, just rub his nose in it!” Somehow that old chestnut has survived several revolutions in dog training, even … Read More

Keeping Dogs Out of Cat Litterboxes


Snacking out of the catbox is perhaps the most disgusting habit a dog can have, in my opinion– and that’s a pretty competitive category. Unfortunately, at least a substantial minority, and probably a vast majority of … Read More

Why, For Children and Dogs, a Time-Out is a Better Tool Than Physical Correction


It’s easy to smack a child or animal when  they make you angry, or to yank a choke chain, but what results does physical punishment really yield? For many dog owners and parents alike, the only definite … Read More

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