Caring for Dogs with Wrinkles


Pugs, English Bulldogs, Shar Peis, and most of the Molusser (Mastiff) breeds have one big thing in common: Wrinkles! Many new owners of these dogs make the mistake of falling in love with the adorable wrinkly … Read More

My New Foster Dog, Tory: Part Four


In part three, a veterinarian diagnosed Tory with several health problems requiring surgical correction. Tory had surgery yesterday, and I’m pleased to report that he’s recovering well, although still pretty groggy and  achey. Now the real work … Read More

My New Foster Dog, Tory: Part Two


Last week, I introduced you to my foster dog, Tory. At the time, he had not yet arrived. Now he’s at home with me, and has proven to be a little more of a handful than … Read More

Pugs Complete Profile


Pugs Complete Profile by Key Facts: Size: Small Height: 25 – 27 cm (10 – 11 inches) Weight: 6.4 – 8.1 kg (14 – 18 lb) Life Span: 14 years Grooming: Undemanding Exercise: Medium Feeding: … Read More

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