Solutions for Cat Acne


Ok, ok, stop, before you laugh at this post title and click away, give me a chance to explain. Yes, cats get acne. Little pimples on a cat’s chin and sometimes the nose or eyebrow region … Read More

Keeping Pets' Paws Healthy


If your pet has healthy paws, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about them. But if a problem is allowed to develop, you’ll be spending both time and money treating it. Preventive care for paws … Read More

Preventing Pet Cancer


Obviously, there’s no one proven way to be sure your pet won’t ever get cancer. If there was, we’d all be doing it, and veterinary oncologists would all be out of business. However, it may be … Read More

Why Play is Important


Play is an important daily activity for your pet, especially if that pet is a puppy or kitten. It’s easy to forget playtime in the hustle and bustle of daily life with pets. There’s feeding, potty … Read More

Top Five Ways to Have a Better-Behaved Dog in 15 Minutes a Day


It’s not always easy to find time for your dog, especially if you have work, a family, school, and other committments weighing heavily on your time. However, it doesn’t always take hours of hard work to prevent problem … Read More

Five Things You Can Do with Your Puppy to Prevent Future Behavior Problems


You’ve got a puppy. Congratulations! Now is the time to prevent behavior problems in adulthood. Many serious issues can be prevented by properly raising your pup. More dogs die each year in the United States due … Read More

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