How to Give a Pill to a Cat


It can be a bit tricky to give medications to your cat, but there are a few tricks that you can try to make the process easier for owner and kitty! Cat Medications in Pill Form … Read More

How to Give Flea Medications to Your Dog or Cat


Medications can be deadly if they’re not administered properly and flea and tick preventatives are no exception! Your pet may get extremely sick or even die if you don’t apply flea drops in an appropriate manner. … Read More

How to Get Your Dog to Take a Pill


Wondering how to get your dog to take medication in pill form? Put down the pill shooter and don’t worry about wrestling with your pet or trying to pry open his jaws! Instead, use food to … Read More

Using Medication Info Tags for Chronically Ill Pets


Many dogs and cats require medication on a daily basis. For many pets with conditions such as Addison’s Disease, Cushing’s Disease, epilepsy and diabetes, these daily doses of pet medications are life-saving and without these drugs, … Read More

Antibiotic Use and Misuse In The Dog and Cat


The Pharmacy PET MEDICATIONS…What are they for? Learn about what goes on in the animal hospital’s pharmacy. New medications are available on a continuing basis to help improve the safety and efficacy of veterinary medications. Pet … Read More

Pet Medications and Why They Cost So Much… An Explanation


Pet Medications and Why They Cost So Much… An Explanation In From Dr. Dunn’s monthly column in Dog World Magazine, December 2002 Why do pet medications cost so much? There are lots of reasons so … Read More

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