Cat using toilet & toilet paper

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cat using toilet paper

How to train your cat to not scratch furniture or toilet paper. Warning: cat drowns in toilet.

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Learn how to train your cat to stop tearing up your toilet paper. Cat drowns in toilet. Warning.

How to train your cat to stop playing with toilet paper: warning – cat drowning in toilette

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Cats are stupid animals, so I can’t guarantee this will make them learn. But it sure is fun to set boobie traps on them just the same. FF to 1:07 if you are …

How to Teach Your Budgie to Run Through a Toilet Paper Roll

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This video shows you how to train your budgie to run through a toilet paper roll in a few easy steps. Remember to not rush the steps, and after your budgie h…

Cheap Cat PlayThings You can Find Around Your Home

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By Jasper Page Buying toys from your local pet shop can be expensive, and after the money you spend on it, your cat either tears the toy to pieces in a couple of hours or turns … Read More

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