Simple House Training Methods for Puppies


If you have just brought a new puppy or dog into your family and plan for them to be a house dog, getting your new pet house trained should be your first priority. There are several … Read More

Training Toy Breed Dogs


Toy dogs (members of the AKC Toy Group) are becoming more and more popular every day, but many owners don’t take the time to train these dogs. Training toy breeds represents unique challenges, but it’s both … Read More

What Sport Is Right For Your Dog?


If you  have a high-energy dog, getting involved in a canine sport is a smart decision. But which one will best suit your dog? One can easily spend a lot of time and money taking lessons … Read More

Petlvr Mailbag: Modern Methods?


Dear PetLvr Mailbag … My family is in the market for a puppy and when I went to obedience class with a dog years ago they had me use a 30′ lead and a choker to … Read More

Show for a Cause


Make a difference this month by showing your dog to support a cause. Whether it’s supporting a food bank or local pet organizations, you and your dog can take part in the festivities dedicated to raising … Read More

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