Give Your Pet a Mother's Day Gift: Spay Her!


What’s the best gift for your intact female dog or cat this Mother’s Day? How about an appointment to be spayed? We’ve discussed spaying and neutering here before, but it’s an important subject that deserves to … Read More

What Should I Expect After My Dog is Spayed or Neutered?


For many dog owners, the first surgery that a pet will undergo is a spay or neuter operation. But the prospect of caring for a dog that’s just undergone surgery makes many dog owners very nervous. … Read More

Sex and the neutered cat (Caution: some explicit language)


I have always considered myself to be a fairly knowledgeable person when it comes to pet, cats in particular. I’ve had pets of one sort or another all my life and I majored in pre-vet/biology in … Read More

Keeping Pets in a Down Economy: Save on Necessities


As worldwide financial panic continues, so does our series on pet ownership in a down economy. Last time, we talked about making pet toys at home. That’s a great way to save some money, but you … Read More

October is Spay and Neuter Month


As a pet owner, you have to take responsibility for your pet just like you would for your own child. If you are not prepared to breed animals, you should take immediate action to spay or … Read More

Spaying and Neutering Your Pet Rabbit


Rabbits reach sexual maturity at about age six months. It varies somewhat by breed. Spaying is the surgical procedure carried out on females in which their mature organs are removed, neutering involves removing the testes of … Read More

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