10 Easy Ways to Train a Naughty Dog

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Do you have a puppy? If you really adore your puppy but his barking, chewing, and incorrect behaviors are driving you crazy, there‚Äôs no need to despair! Not everyone has the resources to get their puppies … Read More

cute rats being naughty

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These are my rats Bandit and Miso circa 2008 (so yes, they have both gone to rattie heaven). I’ll answer some questions I’ve gotten about pet rats from the comments. I have owned over 7 or … Read More

My Naughty Parrot!

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Ten Fantastically Successful Tried And Tested Tips For Training Your Pet Parrot! How I Trained My Mean, Bad-tempered African Grey Into A Divine Bird From Paradise. A Frantic Mom’s Hilarious, But Tough-talking Truth About How She … Read More

How to Stop a Dog from Jumping

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A jumping dog is seeking attention. In order not to reward the behavior, the best response is to ignore it. You’ve met a kid who acts up even though his parents yell at him, because he … Read More

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