Mouse Training Secret: How To Teach A Mouse To Walk Backwards

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Believe it or not, walking backwards is one of the easiest tricks you can teach a mouse. This video makes you wanna buy a mouse? PLEASE read this notice befo…

mouse basketball tutorial

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After many requests, here is how I teach my mice to play basketball. This trick is quite difficult, so you and your mice (rats/hamster/gerbils/…) should al…

chaotic mouse agility training

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Training four mice of two different species (spiny mice and fancy mice) at once. Visit them on facebook: music: Dancing Willow – The Wind that shakes the Barley

PetLvr Mailbag: Mouse Woes

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Dear Petlvr Mailbag … Polybore’s cat is terrible at catching mice. It catches them in the garden then brings them into the house and lets them go, alive. I want the cat to catch and kill … Read More

Changes Afoot at Petco

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Let me begin by saying that, as a pet rat owner and fancier, I detest the mill-style breeding that Rainbow Exotics practices. As a result of these conditions, as well as the treatment of animals seen … Read More

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