Bridleless How to Teach Your Horse to back up and Stop while Riding with Troiya

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This is a response to a request, just a short video and not super in depth or anything, so if anyone has anymore questions feel free to ask. And please I am …

How to train your horse to be supple and stretch over the back using serpentines

| | How to train your horse to be supple & stretch over the back using serpentines sponsored by Saracen Horse Feeds, http://www.sarace…

Trick Training for Horses: Fun Ways to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Horse

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With instructions on the best ways to teach a horse tricks using positive reinforcement, this guide provides trainers with ways to make their horses become better performers and be more responsive. The tricks and games featured … Read More

How to teach your horse to jump!!

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This will teach you how to teach your horse to jump from scratch! Hope you enjoy it!!

How to Teach Your Horse to Walk Into the Trailer on its own

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Check out our other videos at Robyn Spector trains out of Lone Willow Ranch in Petaluma. She specializes in starting young horses and findi…

How to Train a Horse to Jump

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Training a horse to jump requires mastering ground jumps at a trot and a canter, gaining excellent control over the horse, and then moving to more advanced s…

How to Train Your Horse to Jump

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This is the training method I use to train horses to jump. I find it to be pretty successful for each end of a training session. This way, the rider doesn’t …

Advanced Horse Seesaw Tricks – How to train your horse

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This is a complete tutorial to train your horse to walk over the seesaw and do several exercises or tricks such as walk over the seesaw without a lead rope, …

How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : How to Canter a Horse on a Line

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Watch as a seasoned horseback rider demonstrates how to canter a horse on a line in this free online video about horseback riding. Expert: Kelli LaBar Bio: K…

how to train your horse to jum

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this is a vid. on how to train your horse to jump!!!!!!!!!!

How to train a horse to STOP

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This is a method to train your horse to stop while he is walking next to you. It is a very basic exercise but can be further developed into a trick. If you h…

How to Train a Horse to Obey Your Commands

| | – Today many have this desire to own a horse. And the desire is just not enough, you need to know how to train your ho…

How to train your horse to steal – Horse Trick Training

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This is a video explaining how to train your horse to steal something of you such as a towel or a hat. First a horse has to learn to grab something which you…

TRICK Lunging – How to train your horse

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Trick lunging is lunging your horse WITHOUT a rope / lunge! Here is an explanation of the method I used. Basically you want your horse to walk / trot around …

Horse Training In-Hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground: Long Lines, Long and Short Reins, Work on the Longe

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Bringing new life to time-tested techniques, this gorgeously illustrated book shows how “in-hand” methods can be used by the modern equestrian to better a horse’s performance in any discipline. Thorough, step-by-step instructions for promoting subtle communication … Read More

Horse Training Tip: Inside Secret To Understanding A Flowing, Slow Lope

| | We’ve all watched a pleasure class and have seen a horse loping and could hardly tell which lead they were on in the front. World Champion Western Pleasure Horse Trainer, Cleve Wells explains indepth in … Read More

Horse Training Tips: Leading Your Horse

| | Who’s leading who? Dr. Allan Hamilton demonstrates the proper way to lead a horse.

Horse Training Tips – Haltering

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This video will show you the steps to take in haltering a horse for the very first time. In this video is a 3 year old mustang that has been handled for only 4 days. And … Read More

Horse training tips: Handling your horse’s feet

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Pat Parelli shares a couple of horse training tips and horse training methods. Many people struggle with picking up their horse’s feet, and using an understanding of horse psychology and behavior, and the Parelli Natural Horse … Read More

Easy Horse training tips

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There are several useful things in this video you may want to teach your horse. If you like what you see please join me at “the best whisper is a click” or also on FB at … Read More

Owning A Horse On Your Property – Things To Remember

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It is really great to have horses on your property. They are wonderful animals to spend time with. At the same time owning horses means being responsible for them. This means caring about them and making … Read More

Should You Ask Your Farrier About Letting Your Horse Go Barefoot?

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Some people feel so strongly about allowing horses to go without horseshoes that they consider shoeing a form of abuse; others won’t let their horses take three steps without iron armor on their soles. The most … Read More

Listen to Your Horse

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Yes, I know, it sounds counterintuitive to allow your horse to have a say in his or her training, but communication should go both ways between a horse and rider. For example, my horse recently was … Read More

Treating Equine Ulcers: My Experience with An Alternative to Gastro-Guard

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Last spring, my Off-Track Thoroughbred (OTTB) gelding, Ember, began colicking repeatedly. He would begin lying down and nipping at his sides just before feeding time, as often as two or three times per week. The episodes … Read More

Might an OTTB be Right for You?

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By OTTB, I mean, of course, an Off the Track Thoroughbred. In other words, a retired racehorse, like my Ember, aka Embrace Reality, pictured below. OTTBs can excel in most disciplines, are generally inexpensive compared to … Read More

Start Clicking With Your Horse

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Would you like to teach your horse to lie down on command? How about improving your mare’s flying lead changes, or testing a young horse’s jumping potential without needing to place a rider on his back? … Read More

New Author on PetLvr!

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My name is Jelena, and I’m a new author on the “LVR” series of blogs. You can find my author page here. As you can see from my list of pets — one dog, one cat, … Read More

If You Ride, You Are a Trainer

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By Bonnie Martin Frequently I talk to, hear of, or read about someone who bought a trained horse and after riding it for a period of time decide that the horse needs to go to a … Read More

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