Training for a Rainy Day: Keeping Dogs Busy When It's Pouring


It’s the rainy season in many parts of the world, and walks, dog park visits, outdoor training classes, and playtime in the backyard aren’t happening with their usual frequency. A dog kept indoors because of rain … Read More

Fetch 'Til You Drop: The Dangers of Over-Exertion in Dogs


I know I’m not the only person who jokes,  “My dog would fetch until his legs fell off, if I kept throwing that ball!” It’s usually  worth a chuckle, especially if Augustin and a tennis ball are … Read More

What Sport Is Right For Your Dog?


If you  have a high-energy dog, getting involved in a canine sport is a smart decision. But which one will best suit your dog? One can easily spend a lot of time and money taking lessons … Read More

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