Are Exotic Pets Safe with Children?


A report earlier this fall from a group of USA pediatricians cautioned parents against keeping exotic pets in a home with young children. The doctors involved cited Salmonella, as well as┬ápossible bites and scratches, as reasons … Read More

Incompatible Pets


I love my many pets, and they all get along fairly well, even the cat and rats. Interactions between pets of different species can be fascinating and humorous. However, there are certain common pets that simply … Read More

Health Concern: Exotic Pets


There has been much discussion about the health concern with regard to owning exotic pets. The Associated Press (AP) sent out a warning in an article stating, “young children should not keep hedgehogs as pets-or hamsters, … Read More

Hedgehog Basic Care


Hedgehog Basic Care By Michael Russell Hedgehogs are very interesting, fascinating pets to own. These pets are not for everyone though. Before you get one, you need to learn how to take care of them and … Read More

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