Frugal Pet Parenthood: Buying in Bulk, Co-Ops and More


Pet parents who are pinching pennies in these lean economic times should take advantage of opportunities to save by ordering in large quantities, whether by buying individually in bulk or by networking with others who need … Read More

Pet Ownership in a Down Economy: More Frugal Tips


Are you pinching pennies as the recession drags on? If so, don’t skimp on essentials like vet care and premium food, which save you money in the long run. However, you can save money in other, … Read More

Pet Ownership in a Down Economy: The Three R's


We’ve talked about owning pets during a recession before, and as the economy continues to stagnate, it’s more¬† important than ever to share ways to keep your family¬†together without breaking the bank. I’ve recently started doing … Read More

Pet Care in a Down Economy: Why the Adoption Option's the Most Frugal


We just talked about why you should never buy a pet at a pet store, but why should you adopt instead? Well, setting aside that you’ll save a life and give a wonderful animal a second … Read More

Saving Money on Pet Care in a Down Economy: Raw Can Save Money


Yes, the title of this post probably has you calling, “BS!” if you’re a kibble feeder and have shopped for meat for your human family recently. However, it’s true: If you’re feeding a premium kibble, a … Read More

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