Pet Ownership in a Down Economy: Making Toys at Home


With the current financial crisis, if you’re not cutting back on expenses already, it’s likely that you will be soon. Pet parents are feeling the crunch even more than those without pets. It can be hard … Read More

Locating a Reputable, Responsible Small Animal Breeder


If you’ve decided to add a small mammal like a rabbit, rat, or hamster to your family, the next step is to choose between adopting a rescued or rehomed pet, or purchasing from a reputable, responsible … Read More

Pet Positive for a Healthy, Retiring Life


Pets serve many benefits to seniors. They are wonderful companions and the health benefits are outstanding. Did you know that having senior pet ownership has many medically beneficial qualities? It’s true! Many seniors with pet companion … Read More

Pet Ferret Tricks and other Ferret Videos


I was looking for some pet trick videos, and ferrets do pet tricks too.. you know! Really! Watch 😀 Ferret Tricks * Training ferret to rollover, jump… Ferret does THREE different tricks * I’ve got more … Read More

Feeding and Watering Bowls Appropriate For Your Ferret


Ferrets have very high metabolisms. As a result, unlike dogs, they should have access to food at all times. Their digestive systems work quickly and they will typically process anything they’ve eaten within a few hours. … Read More

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