Halloween Activities with Horses


Don’t let dogs have all the fun this Halloween! It’s easy to organize a Halloween activity with horses at your boarding stable or even a public equestrian area. Kids who ride can enjoy safe Halloween games and … Read More

Animal Shelter Fundraiser Ideas


Animal shelters and rescues are struggling financially due to the current recession. Creative fundraisers can help your favorite organization stand out among the many worthy groups currently vying for donors and funding. If you volunteer for a rescue … Read More

Including Pets in Your Wedding


Once upon a time, including pets in a wedding would have been a massive social blunder frowned upon by the majority of guests. Now, many pet lovers can’t imagine marrying without their pets present. It makes … Read More

Introducing The New PetLvr Community Event Calendar


If you will look at the top of this page on the right side, I have added a new link called “EVENTS“. This is a link to our *new* PetLvr Community Event Calendar. If you are … Read More

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