How To Train Your Dog To Ignore Distractions – Professional Dog Training Tips

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In this live stream, we’re going to talk to you about how to train your dog to ignore distractions. Whether it’s other people, other dogs on your walk, an interesting smelling disgusting thing on the ground … Read More

Puppy’s First Training Session (Distractions, Fetch, Puppy Biting and More!)

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Puppy training! Distractions, biting, leash training, fetch and more! This video is sponsored by PupFord. Get your TRAINING STARTER PACK here: Sign up for my FREE 30 Day Perfect Pup Digital Dog Training Course HERE: … Read More

How to Train an EXCITED, PULLING, BARKING DOG to LISTEN AROUND Distractions Without Force

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Go to Petflow! Enter Code: ZakGeorge15 when you check our to receive 15% off of your first purchase Help us make more videos!…

Behavior Generalization, or, "Why Won't My Dog Sit at the Park?"

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Most dog owners have experienced the consequences of failure to generalize a learned behavior at one time or another. For example, let’s say you just spent an hour carefully teaching your new puppy to “Heel” perfectly in … Read More

Training with Distractions

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Training with distractions is a great way to make sure a learned behavior will be performed on cue in a variety of situations. Dogs don’t automatically generalize learning. If you train your dog to sit in the living … Read More

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