What to Expect When Introducing a New Cat to Your Other Cats


In yesterday’s article, we discussed the basics of how to make the introduction to a new home smoother and less stressful for a newly adopted cat. Today, we’ll discuss expectations as you introduce your new cat … Read More

How to Help a Newly Adopted Cat Adjust to a New Home


Cats are notoriously shy when they’re placed in a new environment. This can make it very difficult for the pet owner who has just adopted a new cat. The friendly, sweet cat you meet at the … Read More

How to Train a Stray Cat to Use the Litter Box


Stray cats and tamed feral cats often experience litter box-related problems. Quite simply, many strays and tamed ferals have never seen or used a litter box! There is a simple strategy that can make the litter … Read More

Why Isn’t my Cat Using the Litter Box?


There are many reasons that can cause a cat to have litter box-related issues. Unfortunately, a litter box problem is among the most common behavior-related reason that pet owners bring a cat to the shelter. The … Read More

How to Tell the Difference Between a Feral Cat and Stray


Many animal lovers (erroneously) use the terms “feral cat” and “stray cat” interchangeably. In reality, there are some major differences between ferals and strays. It’s important to understand these differences (and how to identify a feral … Read More

Tips for Using a Cat Training Alarm


As an owner of six cats, we’ve tried virtually every cat training tool or gadget at one point or another. One really worthwhile cat gadget is a cat training alarm – a must-have for all cat … Read More

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