Teaching the Rear // No ropes / Bareback / Bridleless ♡


How to set the foundation to teach your horse to rear, featuring the Kokoro Liberty Team from Hippie Horsemanship. I’m using a building blocks technique to ensure my horses are confident throughout the process and learn … Read More

MyHorseTails.com How to train a horse bridle-less riding practice!


http://myhorsetails.com/ Oh My Gosh what another great level of connection! Mr. Tay and I are now working on some bridle-less riding in the round pen. It end…

Bridleless How to Teach Your Horse to back up and Stop while Riding with Troiya


This is a response to a request, just a short video and not super in depth or anything, so if anyone has anymore questions feel free to ask. And please I am …

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