Leash Pulling Training: How To Train ANY Dog to STOP Pulling Without Being Harsh!


Train any dog to stop pulling on leash! Thank you Pupford for sponsoring this video. CLICK HERE TO GET PUPFORD’S AWESOME FREEZE DRIED TRAINING TREATS: https://pfrd.site/besttreats CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR MY 100% FREE DIGITAL … Read More

cute rats being naughty


These are my rats Bandit and Miso circa 2008 (so yes, they have both gone to rattie heaven). I’ll answer some questions I’ve gotten about pet rats from the comments. I have owned over 7 or … Read More

How to stop your bird from being scared of you !


Bird tameness’ is back again!. Today with our official personal trainer hani. We will be studying birds’ behaviour and unwanted signs. Not only that but slso…

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