Fighting Pet Allergies


Your pet might not develop a runny nose or watery eyes but that doesn’t mean that they are not suffering from allergies. As the temperature warms and the rains replenish the soil, flowers will begin to … Read More

Uh-Oh, Spring Allergies!


Is your pet sneezing? At this time of year, the problem could be spring allergies. Just like humans, many pets have allergies to pollen, dust, or mold, and those allergies often flare up during the spring. … Read More

Are Exotic Pets Safe with Children?


A report earlier this fall from a group of USA pediatricians cautioned parents against keeping exotic pets in a home with young children. The doctors involved cited Salmonella, as well as possible bites and scratches, as reasons … Read More

Ingredients to Avoid in Pet Food


As you may know, I feed my dog a raw diet, and advocate whole prey model raw feeding for anyone who’s willing and able to make the switch to this more complex and natural method of feeding pets. … Read More

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