Biting Ferret! Clicker training for aggression


Follow her progress on facebook: Learn more about clicker training and Ygritte’s story here: Clicker training is so much more than just a fun way to teach tricks, it is also a hugely effective … Read More

How to train your dog – Aggression Towards People.avi

| – Dog puppy training ebooks and books.

Amazing Shelter Dog Rescue Story


I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest! ======================== Note: information from YouTube ======================== A shelter dog’s story: Watch the story of how an ill-mannered former shelter dog, Vinny Love, transforms into a wonderful companion with talent! I didn’t raise him from when he was […]

Blending Households with Pets


When two people move in together, dozens of issues must be considered: Furniture, sharing rent and utilities, schedules, grocery shopping, closet space, chores, laundry…. with so much to focus on, it’s no wonder many people blend … Read More

Petlvr Mailbag: Schnauzer Won't Accept New Pup


Dear Petlvr, I hope you can help: We just brought home a 7 week old puppy – malti-poo/pom mix. Tiny, less than one pound. We have a mini-doxie age 12 who is fine with her. However, … Read More

How to Stop a Puppy from Mouthing


Most puppies nip and mouth their owners’ hands,  ankles, pant legs, and even small children’s behinds, to at least some extent. This behavior can seem cute (the Coppertone bottles with the little girl and her terrier … Read More

Dealing with Biting in Pet Rats


Most pet rats don’t bite. I’ll say that again for emphasis: Most pet rats do not bite. The vast majority of domestic Norwegian rats are far less likely to bite than hamsters, mice, or gerbils. Rats are … Read More

Mean Kitty! Petting and Biting Syndrome


Does your cat allow only a certain number of strokes before turning and nipping your hand? If so, you’re in good company. Many cats, of all genders, ages, breeds, sizes, and personality types, have the clearly … Read More

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