How To Train Your Rabbit: Episode 2 – Litter Use for Bedtime Accidents


My rabbit when we move will often have trouble adjusting to new beds and remembering/practicing proper litter habits on it. When this happens, try setting up a litter box at bed level so at night the … Read More

How to Cope with An Accidental Rat Pregnancy


A friend wrote to me a few days ago asking for advice. She owns several female rats, and no males. Inexplicably, one of her females is pregnant. The only possible exposure to a male occurred when … Read More

Eye Spy with My Little Eye


Ever wonder what your pets do when you leave them in charge of the house while you go on vacation? While you are lying on the beach soaking up the sun or cruising down a snow-capped … Read More

Dealing With Ferret Odors


Ferrets, like many of the cousins in the weasel family, have a natural musky scent. Over time that can build up to an unpleasant level. That happens too often in pet stores and the homes of … Read More

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