Sugar Glider Video

Yesterday, our friends invited us over to their “pool party”. I was suprised how domesticed the family of chipmunks that live within her cracks of her sidewalks were! Chipmunks love to collect peanuts in their pouches and “Itchy” (the friendliest baby of the family) seemed to max out at 14 full peanuts in his cheeks, and 5 shelled peanuts before scooting away to hide his prized mouthful!

Now .. our friends have agreed to do an interview and I will be going back to take some pictures and will post that around mid-August here in [The Blog]. In the meantime, I was searching YouTube for some neat chipmunk videos.

However, the best thing (or cutest thing?) that I could find on YouTube was the following information about Sugar Gliders … Not quite the same thing, but, entertaining – at least, anyway!


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