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I’m sure you must be aware of the blog .. Stuff On My Cat: Stuff + Cats = Awesome! .. I have been a fan since day one ( and watched it develop to its first year anniversary (

Currently, this blog is ranked 148 in the world’s most popular blog .. and has reached the Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs in the world at some point in time …

So you are probably wondering what can be more exciting that Stuff On Cats?

Why .. the Stuff on My Contest! of course!

How it works: Each week we have a contest that revolves around a certain theme. A new theme is announced at the beginning of every Sunday. Your job for the next week is to take pictures with that certain theme on your cat. You’ll have all week to send in your pictures, but remember to send them before Sunday or else it won’t count! I’ll post the best of the best on Monday and a poll will be taken to see which picture receives the most votes. The winner will receive a wicked cool prize package and will be crowned “The Awesomest Person of the Week”, It’s that easy.

I’m just gonna assume that you ALREADY have this site’s RSS FEED in your feed reader, or in your bookmarks .. and will just remind you to check it out every weekend to see a new theme and maybe you can submit something for their contest.


This was Last week’s Winner ..

Theme: Where are you from?
Caesar the cat – Las Vegas, NV

Caesar is the 7th Stuff On My Cat contest winner bringing in a whopping 44% of 3,891 total votes. Good job!


(that “Caesar’s Palace” was cute ~)

MAN! I got to get more pictures of our Zeussie Pussy Cat!

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