Stopping A Dog From Whining

Stopping A Dog From Whining

By Anthony Lee

A dog whines for the simple reason that it wants to do something.

A puppy whines when it is hungry and the mother will instinctively return to her offspring for breastfeeding. A mature dog will whine if it wants its master to do something for him.

If the dog learns that whining will result to getting what it wants then it will repeat this behavior.

Perhaps the best way to stop a dog from whining is just by ignoring it. The dog will eventually become tired of whining and stop if it realizes that its action will not result in getting what it wants.

If the dog whines if it sees its master, it is advisable to block the dog’s vision. A dog will whine for attention when it sees its master.

Reprimanding the animal is not advised, as this is also one form of giving attention. This situation is one of the few cases wherein being ignorant is actually beneficial.

The pet owner should always be conscious of the reasons why a dog whines. Here are some reasons why dogs whine.

– The dog wants to play with you but is blocked by a screen or any transparent wall.

– The dog is craving what the master is eating.

– The dog wants to be placed in a crate or kennel.

– The dog wants to run around outside of the house.

– The dog wants to go outside and urinate or defecate.

It is best that the dog is in a situation that enables it to be comfortable and not bored most of the time. Rewards should be given if the dog eventually stops whining.

If the dog is well-behaved, the pet owner should spend time with it to reinforce positive behavior. Always remember that in stopping a whining dog, it is always best for the pet owner not to give in. The dog should only be attended to when it is quiet. Stay strong and be patient.

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