Stop – Don't Feed Your Puppy That

Stop – Don’t Feed Your Puppy That

By Wycliffe Williams

“Sam just loves these chocolate chip cookies,” the puppy’s owner said with pride.

“Well, you won’t have Sammy for long feeding him those cookies,” shot back Sam’s trainer. “You need to stop-don’t feed your puppy that food.”

How many of us out of love and affection feed our puppies all types’ of food to their detriment. We say we love our pets but we send them to an early grave by the things we feed them.

Its true, puppies need to be fed more times a day than grown dogs. Four times a day is not unheard of. Consistency is the name of the game though.

As a matter of fact, being consistent with feeding your puppy helps you. If you feed him regularly he’ll give you a regular bowel movement. That all helps with potty training.

Keep the children away from Sam when he’s eating. Give the fella some space. Do you like people crowding around you when you eat? And remember, if his feeding area is on one side of the room, put his litter area on the opposite side. How often do you eat your food in the bathroom?

Honestly, the crap they call dog food today is shameful. Don’t waste your money. Don’t feed your puppy that slop. One size fits all just doesn’t cut it with dog food. Just think about this. A growing puppy has different nutritional needs than a full grown dog.

Let me explain it like this. I have a rapidly growing 18 year old son. Our food bill for him is going to put us in the poor house before long. My wife keeps telling me he’s a growing boy.

I wonder, does he really have to eat so much. Those who can relate to what I am saying just give me a nudge with your computer. Yeah! Thanks!

The comical thing is this. He doesn’t carry a bit of fat. He’s incredibly trim and agile. On the other hand, when I just look at food, my stomach seems to get bigger.

I said all that to say this. Growing puppies (my son), have different nutritional needs than the big dogs (me). (Somehow, that big dog thing made me feel good.)

So, with all of those different brands out there vying for your dollar, which one do you choose? Well, lets start with a simple answer first. Sam has to like it. Watch your puppy for signs of stomach gas, flatulence, and regurgitations.

Is Sam from the energetic breed of dogs? Don’t feed Sam high fat foods if he sleeps all day. And remember, presentation may mean a whole lot to your plate, but it doesn’t mean much to his plate. More than likely Sam doesn’t see all the color anyway. He uses smell and taste.

Just a parting shot. When Sam eats? Don’t touch his food. He’ll bite you whoever you are. Instincts tend to take over. He will bite the hand that feeds him, trust me.

Here’s a nice DOG Tip:

I started this article talking about people feeding their puppy food that they eat. Should they?

Well, I suppose the answer is yes and no. Don’t feed Sam the high fat, high sugar foods. Do not under any circumstances feed your dog chocolate. You could kill him out right. Also, don’t feed him onions, grapes and raisins.

You can feed him vegetables, pasta, rice, and some fruits. All in moderation. I know you’re thinking about a bone, is that okay. Well…you be the judge of that.

Cooked bones splinter. Raw bones crack. Splinters may cause damage to Sam’s stomach. Watch your puppy, know your puppy. Educate yourself all the time for your puppy’s sake.

Wycliffe Williams has always had animals in his family. One particular puppy Herman was especially dear to him as a child. Do you know what you can and cannot feed your puppy? Do you want to be informed about your puppy? Empower yourself now! Protect your puppy. Arm yourself with nutritional info for your puppy. To get that info click here.

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