Stop and Prevent Cat Diarrhea

By: Stephen Becker

This article discusses why cat diarrhea/vomiting are epidemic, what you can give them to quickly stop routine diarrhea; but better still, how to prevent it.

If Dogs are mans best friend, Felines are females favored friend! Sure men own cats, too, but that is not the point here.

Cat diarrhea (and vomiting) is so common, many say it is epidemic. Why?

Domesticating Cats is Behavioral. Domesticating their diet is The Cause of Declining Health.

To fully grasp the following information, it is important to note that decades of dependency on chemicals and inorganic fertilizers have not only destroyed the top soil (and the subsequent nutritional value of commercial fruits and vegetables), they have seeped into rivers, streams, and found they way into the water table we drink and bathe with. Water puddles likely contain bacteria, discarded food residue, disease carrying bug larvae, as well as human and animal spittle containing any number of pathogenic organisms…

Feral and outdoor cats hunt small animals and birds. Unfortunately, the ones they have been eating over the last 50 years are increasingly diseased, and weakened from various environmental stresses. This seems to make an argument for commercial pet foods, however many pets refuse to eat it.

The problem is so common that many manufacturers have resorted to spraying recycled restaurant grease on dry foods, just to add some flavor!

The ongoing dog food/dog treat recall has provided some insight into what is in dry foods, as well as how pet food manufacturers think. They say they added more wheat gluten because it is a source of protein- only it is not a protein that cats or dogs need, but it is profitable.

Wet pet foods are not any better! They contain heavily processed low quality overcooked meats from animals injected with growth hormones and antibiotics.

Commercial pet foods are both convenient and cheap. But what is the ultimate cost to your pets health and your wallet?

Pet Diarrhea and Vomiting is the Number 3 Reason People Take Their Animals to the Vet

Today, a virtual epidemic of GI related health issues ranging from eating disorders, vomiting, loose stools, diarrhea, IBS, spastic colon, to constipation can be traced directly to commercial cat food! According to industry statistics, diarrhea is the number 3 reason people are taking their animals to the vet.

Stress is another cause of diarrhea. Cats prefer peace and quiet to loud noises. Travel also stresses cats, as it often means leaving familiar territory, beyond which are unfamiliar noises and smells, different air quality, humidity, water, possibly even food- any one of which can throw off your cats now delicate GI balance.

Veterinary Care

If you take kitty to a vet, rarely do you have any idea why it has diarrhea. To assure speedy results, they are likely to prescribe an antibiotic with broad-spectrum kill capabilities, and advise you to withhold food or water for 24-48 hours. This is a case where the remedy needs a remedy!

Antibiotics kill all the bacteria- including the ones your cat needs for digestion. One thing you can be sure of, between no food and water, and the side effects of toxic antibiotics ravaging their immune systems, kitty is going to be in for a very rough couple of days. So if not antibiotics, what then? Non-dairy Probiotics!

Cats supplement their diet by eating grass, and especially the soil around the grass roots, which once contained soil-based organisms (SBOs)- non-dairy probiotics.

SBOs are The Missing Link to restoring and maintaining GI health. Without a steady supply of SBOs, proper digestion and elimination cannot take place. Foul smelling gas is a warning sign.

SBOs are highly effective when the diarrhea or vomiting is routine. However, if intestinal inflammation is present, neither SBOs nor medications are likely to restore balance. It is critical to resolve inflammation as soon as possible!

Herbal anti-inflammatories are more effective than steroids to resolve inflammation, but unlike steroids, they do not require weaning off. Unresolved intestinal inflammation quickly leads to immune disorders/diseases.

Have you noticed that the slippery slope to poor health begins with the GI tract? According to The Royal Society of Medicine Great Britain- Fully 90% of All Chronic Disease is Caused by an Unhealthy Intestinal System.

By administering SBOs as a daily supplement, you can prevent most cases of routine diarrhea while preventing 90% of all chronic disease from getting a foothold.

The food you feed your pets needs to be reasonably close to what they once ate in the wild; that is if you expect them to stay healthy. Buy organic chicken, meats, and fish, very lightly saute them and mix 50/50 with pet foods they are eating. Mix with less pet food each day. After one week they should be on 100% sauted food. Next, do the same with raw meats.

Unless your cat/dog is extremely sick, you should see immediate signs of recovery.

A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet

Article Source

Stephen Becker is a nutritionaist and President of Vitality Science, where he formualtes scientifically proven remedies and supplements for cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies.

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