Still Forgotten-Katrina Animal Relief Efforts, thru Sept. 06

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

One year later, the homeless pets of New Orleans struggle to survive, still forgotten, except for the volunteers who feed them, keep them alive.

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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25 Responses

  1. OverTheRaynbow

    I love to see people step out and give to something other than our own self-indulging. Just because we are the most intelligent and powerful life form on earth doesn’t mean we aren’t obligated to consider other life as important as well. People are important, as is all life on this earth we all share. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mariontl

    This brought tears,watching the animals on this video that one year later are wandering the streets without a home. Some of these cats will be coming to Vancouver Canada soon.

    Thank you to the rescue people who continue to feed the animals who have lost their homes due to Katrina.

    Marion Lindsay
    Squamish BC Canada

  3. PamLeavy

    To my wife Pam , I just want you to know how proud I am of you for all the work you have done in New Orleans for the animals .. love Andy xxx

  4. 2pedals

    Thanks for spotlight on sad&preventable tragedy of H.Katrina.Animals wouldn’t bein this predicament if agencies responsible for NOrleans rescue allowed rescueof pets w/guardian.I hope law mandating disaster petrescue will prevent such heartbreak.Thanks toall enduring miserable conditions to rescue abandoned, helpless souls;who continue caring for homeless;those preserving memories of ones who couldn’t survive calus,cruel,unjust betrayal.

  5. springerv

    my heart hurts for the precious animals

  6. kikiidoggie

    For every pet adopted there’s room for another.
    Please everyone do your part. If u can ADOPT do it!Also, please spay & neuter. I have 5 cats & 1 dog all strays and shelters animals. P.S. I evacuated with my 5 for Katrina.:0)1 new since then…

  7. bigfanx

    Pam, Thank you again — and all those who helped you — even ONE YEAR AFTER. The feral population must be ten-fold by now — it’s so very important to educate about early spay/neuter. Thank you for presenting the truth… the saga continues. from St Louis MO

  8. wyldewynd

    You never here about the pets any more was happy to get this in an email. keep up the good work

  9. sharlene123charlie

    If you have watched this vid and your heart was touched send ten dollars at least and then there will be enough for food and spay/neuter programs. Please they need us! From one animal lover to another.

  10. GodzillaJ

    kee[p up the good work

  11. aussi3player

    My Name is Nick Im from the Animal Rescue Germany, and i would just like to say thank you. your all the best. keep up the good work.

  12. groens

    i did alot of networking online to help rescuers go to addresses & matched up 12 families with their forgotten pets. when hurricane rita was nearing the tx gulf coast, i stayed here (southeast tx coast) to help with animal rescue efforts. i’ll never forget the tragedies of 2005– the animals were the hardest hit. they were forgotten as an afterthought. thank gawd we passed legislation in the gulf coast states to include, by law, animal evac with their owners.

  13. tugacroft

    thank you for help these our friends

  14. 1Ainat1

    tanks for help them because they deserve to be helped.

  15. Indio156

    Never in my life would I leave my 5 cats. Even if National Guards were pointing guns, to order me to leave (as they did to many),they’d have to kill me before I would abandon my cats. They are my family. If I go, so do they. If they stay, so do I. Period. I would die for them. THEY ARE LOVE DEFINED.

  16. izaviaha

    You guys are angels in those animals eyes and I give you a standing ovation for the wonderful work you have done for those animals. I,like the person below me,would never leave without my animal…and I have plenty of animals…they are my life and if it comes down to it I die with them, and noone will tell me otherwise. Once again, ya’ll are angels to those animals thankyou for all you do.

  17. chalatenango234

    same here…I Coulnd not with myself..leaving them behind

  18. Indio156

    GOD BLESS the people who were able to go there to rescue those babies. I live in NYC, and the only thing I could afford was rabies shots. I would have had to spend over $1000.00 on camping supplies, and then even more, for someone to drive me from the nearest airport (very far), as I don’t know how to drive. My mother and bf, told me it was lucky I couldn’t go, as it would haunt me for years to come. But I am exp with TNR (feral cats/humane trapping), so I still regret I couldn’t go and help

  19. happymike44

    I want to thank and bless the rescue people.
    My current pet not really a pet but more like a little kid to me.
    Was found at a adoption day and he is so sweet and loving I could not believe someone would willingly leave him behind.
    We met before Katrina and he helped me deal with four hurricanes including Gustav and we didn’t answer our door when the police came around after learning what the police did during Katrina.
    Thank God for rescue groups and the vets for all the good they do.

  20. versil73

    i love you all, for the caring and helping of all the dogs and cats.

  21. filup76

    just wondering, as it’s now 2009, did most if not all, of the pets reunited with their owners or rehomed? that I want to know, thanks

  22. dulcefabiola23

    OMG YOUR VIDEO MADE ME CRY SO MUCH….im so glad there is peole like u in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glod bless you guysss and those animals too!!!!

  23. nirvanaking1995

    I had to hug my cat and hold her all the way through this video. D:

  24. virtualannie

    Awesome Job! I am glad there are people that care about those animals forgotten like myself! Love is something an animal should never be without!

  25. warriorsrock123

    The sad thing is that these animals had no clue to what happened to them they were happy then this happened