Starting a Young Horse Over Jumps

The initial training of a young or green horse over jumps will have a big impact on how easy and safe they are to jump. In this video, I share several key objectives of a horse’s early jump training as well as the basic progression of exercises that will help a horse learn to jump safely and effectively.
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10 Responses

  1. Hey Hi
    | Reply

    I'm only 13, and I have to train my my small horse who is six she ALWAYS bucks and was suuuppper green when's got her. She was barely broke I've been working with her for about 2 years so yay. That's my story.

  2. Jorge Hidalgo
    | Reply

    Great video and extremely helpful.
    Archie Cox

  3. Jorge Hidalgo
    | Reply

    Why my horse go always left

  4. Gracie & Payton
    | Reply

    Wow thank I so much! This helped me so
    Much! My horse is 7ish 8ish and is still a young mare and I'm
    Trying to train her into cross country thank u so much!

  5. Sarah xoxLoki
    | Reply

    I need to train a 5yo cob and I'm stuck!!

  6. Victoria Dixon
    | Reply

    when I got my horse into gallop this video really helped

  7. imageandanna6
    | Reply

    I'm only 11 and I have to train my pony to jump

  8. Caelan Rairdan
    | Reply

    what do you do if your horse won't even walk over a ground pole?

  9. Laura Reagan
    | Reply

    how should you space the poles at a trot and a canter?

  10. Beca Allan
    | Reply

    shouldn't you start off lunging the horse over the cross poles (after the trot poles) the when the horse is comfortable with that then have a go at riding over them?

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