Staffordshire Bull Terrier Thinks She’s A Horse..Funny Video!

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Our Pet Molly is a real character..Here is her impression of a horse.

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. NathBonn
    | Reply

    r8 lad!

  2. NathBonn
    | Reply

    @NathBonn wow, this is a female!

  3. Subdtep
    | Reply

    Was she about to go for a walk? Mine goes apeshit like that if he sees the harness lol.

  4. CrusadarKhan101
    | Reply

    my staf goes mental over technology.. you cant film him or get a mobile out he goes nuts over it. its pretty funny with mates but when chicks come round its not that funny as hes a big boy and wont stop until he gets it or its out of reach.. ” Techno Dog ” is what hes called along with many more

  5. TheAvatarlover221
    | Reply

    she wants to go for a walk

  6. theultimatejuicebox
    | Reply

    @nextlifearotti My Staffie never barks! He attempts to, at times, but it comes out as more of a cough. He too saves them for special occasions. Gotta love ’em.

  7. nextlifearotti
    | Reply

    @mollyjuly08 gotta tell ya but we’ve found out that he can bark when he needs to! I was home alone and he was downstairs and suddenly he just started barking…at least a dozen full throated barks. I went to the door and he came upstairs wagging his tail, looking very pleased. I didn’t hear anything or see anything but later that day, I discovered our side gate had been opened. We now think that someone had tried to come in thru that gate. Bundy got a nice big bone for that one!!

  8. g4rdenspoon
    | Reply

    I know what’s going on here, you’ve set the dog up for a walk and she’s making sure you haven’t forgotten. Harness on, looking at the lead, making a noise, almost cruel, but very funny. What a great dog. Mine does exactly the same thing. 🙂

  9. Justin180sx
    | Reply

    haha my staffy does that too.

  10. BlueEpiLP
    | Reply

    hahahaha wtffff

    | Reply

    LOL! 😀

  12. castigadordechules
    | Reply

    jurassic park sound.

  13. teatimecreams
    | Reply

    My staff never barks unless told to…but makes the most amazing natural sounds like Molly when she wants to….. I have 2 staffs…they are the best!

  14. 1939PlymouthRatRod2
    | Reply

    Shes beautiful and a one of a kind.

  15. HiddenLeafNinja2011
    | Reply

    I have a staffy pup that looks like your black with white underneath i hope she looks just like yours when she is full grown. They are just awesome dogs very loyal and loving it’s a shame people raise them to be mean.

  16. LOOKOUT2012
    | Reply

    Ha great Staffy! Aren’t they such clever, comical & such vocal little dogs.
    I had My Staffy for 18yrs & Jeez do I miss Her.
    Everyone knew Her & Loved Her – they are so missunderstood due to bad press from BAD owners!!
    Molly looks in great shape I can see She is well happy and must bring alot of pleasure into your lives 🙂

  17. Skipychic
    | Reply

    A staffy breeder friend of mine says its called Chortling, my staffy does it too.. when she was a baby she sounded like a baby alligator, really cute.. Some Staffys do it, some dont..

  18. imtheguvnor
    | Reply

    This has just set mine off now…here we go, Wooo..Wooo..Woooooo!

  19. Winston2004
    | Reply

    She has a horsey complex… But I guess she has anxiety issues too. A beautiful dog that needs to have her energy drained.

  20. leahx3leah
    | Reply

    @imtheguvnor haha ditto

  21. kiwimace
    | Reply

    My Staffy ‘Fish’ does the same thing….especially when she knows she’s going for a walk

  22. BaconCanFlyproduct
    | Reply

    4 people dont have dogs

  23. Inhumantics
    | Reply

    My pup did NOT like those noises XD.

  24. dragoness615
    | Reply

    My American Pit Bull Terrier makes the same noise when he wants to get your attention. If he wants to play, go out, etc… and thinks you aren’t paying attention, he won’t bark, he’ll talk to you, do it for 10-15 min lol He’s my stubborn love butt.

  25. DNFmcX
    | Reply

    My Staffy use to make similar sounds 🙂

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