Speaking Your Pet's Language

Got milk?Do you talk to your pet or feel that you communicate with each other in a different way? If you think you and your pet have a mutual understanding, you are not alone. Pets experience so many emotions that are similar to ours that it can be difficult not to treat them like they are our children. When you are depressed or upset about work or an argument you had with your significant other, does your pet come to your aid? When you experience moments like this, it makes you wonder how much your pet really understands.

The Associated Press and Petside.com recently conducted a poll, which surveyed U.S. pet owners. Sixty-seven percent of pet owners said that they could understand their pet’s language, while 62 percent thought their pets could understand human language. People who owned cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, snakes and other animals were included in this poll.

This poll also helped to shed light on the recent news articles stating that pet owners are decreasing their pet expenses due to the economic decline. According to the poll results, it’s a misconception to believe that pet owners are putting a monetary limit on what they will do for their pet. The survey showed that 85 percent of the pet owners are not reducing their pet expenses due to the economic crisis. More results from the poll can be found at Petside.com.

It’s obvious that pet owners take their pet responsibilities seriously, and it’s no surprise that dedicated pet owners would feel such a deep connection with their furry companions. So during the holiday season, don’t forget to include your pet in the festivities. Surprise them with a special gift like a treat or toy, and make a New Year’s Resolution to try to understand your pet better, that is if you don’t speak their language already.

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