SPCA Commercial

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube


Public Service Announcement Director: Daron Chatz

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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25 Responses

  1. AngelDust155

    I don’t understand how someone could be like that to their pets. I’ve had my dogs for 6 years and I love them as much as I did the day we got them

  2. TruthSoulArmorGirl

    this made me cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. likeastarbaby

    Thats so sad :,( People are so selfish

  4. MarshmellowFREAK

    @StreetDriftRacer Well said Sir,^_^

  5. lizardandrea1

    cry cry cry!


    so sad awww i’m going to go pick up my own pet now ^_^

  7. iviedduuhhisawesome

    Idon’tgetit, what happen?
    To The Doggie?

  8. iviedduuhhisawesome


  9. iviedduuhhisawesome

    They, turned that poor doggiee in a toy, wtf,
    You should take this vid. down.
    It’s sick.
    It’s so sad, and horrible.

  10. Bathoric95

    I got my dog Bailey as a gift for my 13th birthday present after months and months of proving I could be responsible enough to have my own pet. It’s been exactly 2 years from that date and I still love him as much, if not more then the day I picked him out to be my special little guy for the rest of his life. <3

  11. fan825

    Good Stuff!

  12. YYFsuperstar

    That is a really touching vid that remind ppl to think twice before getting the ANIMALS.
    Cool vid.

  13. pollyman4206

    In my opinion a puppy or kitty life is no more important than a damn deers life, and people hunt tons of them every year. What if we hunted dogs and had deer as pets, then ya’ll wouldn’t give a shit about the dog would you? Slaughtering cows or chickens is just fine right? But if people raise and slaughter dogs in China its just horrible. Most people would choose to save a dogs life over a cows. Why? ya’ll are just a bunch of damn Hippocrates. Go waste your damn 60 cents a day on these animals.

  14. ScrunchBunny98

    1st time i stopped ymself form crying. second time only seen a second of it. third time i cried. rest of the times i had to leave the room. i never seen this on tv and it made me cry thumbs up?

  15. webkinzhippo88

    Who would ignore him? D:

  16. goFREDman

    i just cried.that is way 2 sad

  17. goFREDman

    i got my mini. poodle about 9 years ago and ever since he has been my best friend.even thinking about him dying makes me cry

  18. goFREDman

    @iviedduuhhisawesome it was sayin with toys u can just throw them away but u cant do that with an animal so think twice b4 getting a pet

  19. Raklryja


  20. FlyGirlz2

    Oh my god. i feel like crying. Poor puppy 🙁 I always will love my cats Sox and Stella

  21. deaufraiche44

    Tellement vrai, tellement réel dans la vie de tous les jours. meme avec des adultes, pas juste avec des enfants, cette magie existe et les conséquences s’observe… 50,000 chiens euthanasiés par année au Québec… soyons conséquent et responsable des etres que nous adoptons

  22. Cls1521

    that made me cry i would never do that

  23. theFURIOUS4

    awww…WHAT A BITCH!!! I love my kitty , hes the best hting i could ever wish for :’)

  24. repconklc

    This is so true. So sad.

  25. Snoboxx2323