Spammers – You Win – PetLvr Free Community Closes Today

I created a Free Pet-Related Blog community last September 2007 and quite honestly, it’s been a battle against me versus the spammers. Today, I have decided to give up to the spammers and delete the community in its entirety.

Although it is possible that there might have been a few legitimate blogs created, most were disgusting, vile and quite rude blogs – shown below as covered titles because they were so perverted – and if they weren’t perverted sicko sites – they were spam link farms. And, that’s the new sites since April 30th.

Now .. that is not the type of community I would want to join and I know some of you probably stayed away because of the spammers. You should see some of the moderation requests that I receive everyday (hundreds! and the links in my dashboard to these spam-link-fests every week. I don’t blame you!

Perhaps I will restart this again in the fall, with tighter security controls or under a new version .. but for now, I have closed the doors permanently by just deleting the entire directory folder on my server. If you had any data that wasn’t spammy or perverted .. my deepest apologies. If you are one of the spammers whose site I have deleted … :Ptftffftftffttffftft

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