Solving Counter Surfing- Clicker Dog Training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

This is a video on how to train your dog not to surf the counters or in other words put their paws up and eat food and items that are on your counters. Remember to keep in mind that during training, items that your dog likes should NOT be left in reach on counters so that you don’t UNDO all the training you have just been doing. As nagging a turkey off the counter WILL train your dog to do it again! At the beginning of the video you will see Tug my new puppy BEFORE I trained him, he would jump up and onto tables to lick them clean. At the end of the video you can see the results of one session that was a couple minutes long. Tips: 1- Make sure the dog NEVER gets the food- it sounds obvious but some dogs are very FAST! 2- If he is struggling to look away from the food, either give him a hint by making an attention noise or take some steps away so he is not as close to the food 3- As he succeeds raise criteria 4- You can start off first with a carrot on the table but the reinforcement is something even better like Chicken 5- Watch my ‘leave it’ video for more information on teaching the leave it Dog training clicker training manners teaching a dog to not touch food on counters counter surfing stealing food

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. pamelamarxsen
    | Reply

    What a great idea! I love how Tug would look at the food when he was just wandering around at the end and did not even care to get it. I think that Isabelle would have snatched it right up when I was not looking. 🙂 It is so awesome to see how a behavior problem that so many people struggle with can be solved so simply and without FORCE or stressing the dog out by saying NO, Yelling, etc… This will help so many dog owners! Love it! Love it!

  2. jimmy202500
    | Reply

    Hey nice video. My puppy loves to chew (golden X lab so what do you expect :P) but the real problem is that he loves to drag things from outside in to my room and chew them to pieces. So dead fern stumps and sun flowers are regularly dragged in on to my nice clean carpet! Should i teach him not to chew sticks and such from outside full stop. Or is there a way to teach him “You can chew sticks but don’t drag them inside.” Thanks, love your videos!

  3. verodzim
    | Reply

    Nice job 🙂

  4. ptlux
    | Reply

    Great video … as usual 🙂

  5. MsJuneDay
    | Reply

    GreGreat video!! My mom had my dog for two weeks while I was away and completely untrained her on so many good habits I was trying to reinforce. She never even considered eating off the table till recently, so I’m glad you put up this training video. I feel bad that she’s confused. “But it was ok last week!”

  6. newbear95
    | Reply

    Great video!

  7. nataliawasilewska97
    | Reply

    tiger?? I thought you called him tug !!

  8. DogsAreMyBestFriends
    | Reply

    Such a great video & footage!! Very informative.
    Thanks for sharing.
    You’re doing a great job with Tug! He’s so lucky.

  9. kikopup
    | Reply

    @nataliawasilewska97 What? His name is Tug 🙂

  10. hdsheena
    | Reply

    I feel so privileged to have seen this early ! 🙂 it’s like i’m “in” with a famous person!!

  11. jp25knots
    | Reply

    what happens if you misjudge and raise the criteria too quickly and the puppy grabs the food off the table — are you back to square one or worse?

  12. smilewithjane
    | Reply

    Fantastic video as usual. Thank you so much :O)

  13. binkerduster
    | Reply

    Excellent Video, as always. Dogs learn so much better when they work it out for themselves. Well Done!

  14. VTECsqznN2O
    | Reply

    I love how Kiko walks up…sees you are working with Tug and automatically lays down and away from you guys 😉

    great as always, I like how you mention proofing…this is som’thing alot of people forget

  15. NikolayevKirill
    | Reply

    Emily, help! I have a problem. In the middle of training session I wait for my dog to repeat some behavior (previously clicked), but he doesn’t understand what I want from him, so he starts starring at me and barking. Something goes wrong (am I moving too fast or too slow?) so he barks. And I don’t know how to react. I shouldn’t say “no” or “stop it”, then what should I do in this case? Turn around and stop looking at him (it only teases him more), or what? He never barks in the usual time.

  16. andreadogtrainer
    | Reply

    I just love this video. It’s terrific. I love all your videos and refer people to them all the time! Thanks so much for an awesome job! Andrea

  17. cuykaylab
    | Reply

    Fabulous and clear enough for clients to follow. I’ll be referring clients here. I love hat it doesn’t use punishment. I hope you have one as good on polite visitor greetings. Terry Cuyler, orlando, Pawsitive Results Dog Training

  18. apinchofpepper
    | Reply

    I’m definitely going to give this a try, my labrador/collie pup is a real nightmare when it comes to counter surfing! She’s so incredibly food oriented, even tries to steal food from our other dogs during meal times ><.

  19. 53Playmate
    | Reply

    thanks so much I am going to try this with my pup. He has been jumping up on the table he’s an aussie so he should learn fast

  20. PoochAcademy
    | Reply

    Hi, I just noticed your question. If you haven’t gotton past this yet, here’s what I’d try…pick up the food on the table and put it down again. He will probably look at it and then at you, which you can then click. If he doesn’t, you can also try putting down a higher value food or walking him directly past the food and clicking and rewarding him for ignoring it. You could also do short sessions. Just do a few reps at a time. If he starts barking at you, end the session.

  21. NikolayevKirill
    | Reply

    @PoochAcademy Thank you 🙂

  22. clickertrainer22
    | Reply

    Fantastic! I love your videos, they are always very informative.

  23. tehrenberg
    | Reply

    I just love his wonderful face. Great great video.

  24. wmlgts
    | Reply

    Emily, I have a problem with River eating and searching for food on the floor every time we visit my parent’s house. She’s always finding something in the hidden spots of their house left over from my nieces/nephews. Any tips? It can be dangerous!

  25. zekerella
    | Reply

    Emily: Ive tried this exercise. But when he’s not on a leash he runs straight for the food. He’s ok with the carrot, but when i add in meat, or treats, or a cookie, he ignores me. Ive had three sessions now with him and now luck. Any advice?

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