“SIT” TUTORIAL – (updated) May 2nd 2015

UPDATED “SIT” TUTORIAL- 5/2/15 Once your cat learns to “sit” which can take 2-5 days to teach, then you’re ready for the next step, stay? down? spin 360? lots to teach. ALL it takes the right technique, practice and time. If you not able to view certain tutorials let me know what country your in, I’ll add your country to the list. use the comment section below or the “your wall” page on the catmantoo APP.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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23 Responses

  1. Majestic Word
    | Reply

    😱 Lol, didn't have to go through all that work… maybe me and my cats communicate telepathically… 🤔


  2. Liza
    | Reply

    Great! Now all I need is a cat..

  3. Ayoub Madrid
    | Reply

    thank u itrained my cat to die when i pretend shoting him
    now im going to train him to sit

  4. Mackezo
    | Reply


  5. Abby Bobbett
    | Reply

    Hi so my cats were born blind and I am attempting to teach them tricks. They have already associated the sound of a clicker to a treat. I noticed in your video that you use visual cues with your cat while teaching him to sit. How would I go about teaching my cats to sit since they are blind?

  6. Einstein Nerd
    | Reply

    First thing I need is, A cat!!

  7. Kree
    | Reply

    When I raise the treat over my cat's head he bats my hand.. Tried saying a stern 'No' doesn't work. Help!

  8. Laura Stewart
    | Reply

    I'm so excited to teach my glaring. Does age mean a difference or can cats be trained at any age?

  9. Tamim'sGaming/TG
    | Reply

    Subbed for my cat

  10. Eve ByTheSea
    | Reply

    My cat I trained without a clicker but its only because I am a clairvoyant and use telepathy. He could even open doors on command. I only used cuddles and kisses as a reward. He was very spoilt and ate human grade raw meat . Diga is so cool

  11. Lynn Burlile
    | Reply

    You're amazing!

  12. Albakri Ismail
    | Reply

    can i teach my cat by using a usual food

  13. SavagePotato
    | Reply

    My kitten is an idiot but she's a pure of heart

  14. Jude Twal
    | Reply

    What is the click thing and where can I fins it plz reply

  15. LittleUncia
    | Reply

    nice! I saw digja ( sorry if spelt wrong!! ) on kitten impossible

  16. James Ryderal
    | Reply

    Thank you so much it has just been like 5 mins and shes improving i didnt now that cats are that smart

    | Reply

    Cats are overall smarter than dogs.

  18. Calaya Nolan
    | Reply

    you made this on my birthday

  19. Popcorn Squad
    | Reply

    This doesn't work for my cat, if i dont give it to her until she sits, she just gives up and walks away

  20. Kiara Broekhuizen
    | Reply


  21. Katie Anderson
    | Reply

    I got my cat to sit, but she is very sensitive around he hind quarters. As soon as I move my hand towards her back she freaks out and doesn't care about the treat anymore. Is there another technique to get her to stand?

  22. Animal lover101
    | Reply

    can't wait to try this

  23. dddddd
    | Reply

    I am getting a 12 week old cat soon and wondering if it is ok to start clicker training on her right away or I should wait (for how long)?

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